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No Huddle Radio #100: What We’re Watching for in the Packers Preseason Game

After a disappointing week of training camp, LaFleur and company have some tough questions to answer in the first Packers preseason game in San Francisco. The offense has sputtered in practice against a suffocating defense, which is either terrible news or great news, and the special teams have only delivered even more questions than answers despite Rich Bisaccia’s best efforts.

Of course now is the time to work out any kinks, so fans shouldn’t panic just yet, but time is beginning to run out as the wide receivers and the offensive line have yet to find any cohesion. One huge burning question: do the young lineman need to step up immediately, or is help actually on the way in the form of two returning All-Pro tackles? Tune in to hear the conversation!

On No Huddle Radio, hosts J.J. Lahey and Gil Martin give you in-depth analysis of what’s happening with the Green Bay Packers. Get the latest news, injury updates and preview the next game with key matchups to look for and find out why we think the Pack will win or lose.

Please send in comments and questions for the mail bag to J.J. on Twitter @jjlahey and Gil @GilPackers, or via email to We love talking football and can’t wait to hear from you!

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